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Re: New Releases

Dear James,

"Out of the blue"

The carton with the new lot was delivered today to the shop but it got completely wet in transitšŸ™.



Re: New Releases

Dear Yuri,

Thank you so much for those updates!

I did not see your posts until this morning, before I headed off to work, hence only just replying now.

The story seems even more bizarre as the contents were wet, but the carton was not!

No drama though. The figures are on their way to me. Andrew reports that only one of the boxes (274 unfortunately) is 'poor'. I'm sure that I'll be able to salvage it and add it to one of my scrapbooks of cut down boxes. I like to flick through them from time to time to admire and enjoy the box art work and any descriptions of such.

Kind regards, James

Re: New Releases

Thank you Strelets! Extremely excited for the Austrians. I appreciate you working hard to get more sets out to us. Thank you.

Re: New Releases

That is amazing news, Thank you Strelets!!!!!