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A Use for all those figures

For those of you who have been acquiring WSS and Jacobite figures you might be interested in my latest set of wargames rules. They're called "Tricorn and Bonnet" and cover all of the mainland Jacobite Risings from Killicrankie to Culloden. I've dedicated them to Anton Derbilov, whose wonderful figures grace several of the pages.

Information on the rules and how to buy them can be found at Link

Re: A Use for all those figures

I’m assuming these latest Austrians will do a good job as Government troops for the ‘15. If I had the time to start a new painting project then both the ‘15 and ‘45 would be a must.

Re: A Use for all those figures

I use a whole mix of figures, primarily because my collection goes back to the 1980s. That means there's Washington's Army in there.

I'm eyeing the Austrian boxes. I have a few Austrian units based round the British infantry and French Fusilier boxes, but I'm going to need a whole lot more for the next project, which is tentatively called "Tricorn and Turban". I have a stack of Redbox Ottomans awaiting the brush.