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American civiel war

Hello everyone here.
I hope that everyone is doing fine.
This is more a question to the strelets team but every answer is more then welcome.
I'm looking for American civiel war soldiers from strelets:
148 Pickets charge
149 Infantry on the march
150 Troops in attack
152 Pickets charge 2
153 U.S. troops in attack 2
158 Confederate skirmishing
159 U.S. troops firing
178 Pickets charge 3
179 U.S. infantry in attack
249 Confederate in defence
I can't find any of those boxes.
Already asked some shops here in the netherlands to search for them but no response.
Now i hope someone from strelets have a answer for me or someone else if strelets stil make them or wil make them when the war with Russia is over?
I hope it wil be over soon.
Stay strong and stay safe and thank you if someone takes the time to answer.
Kind regards Ron

Re: American civiel war

Ron, you can take a look at the site of Linear-A. They stock a lot of Strelets material. They are based in Germany and I have ordered quite a few sets from them since Brexit. I too live in the Netherlands and Linear-A usually sends the sets within a week to 10 days after confirmation of payment.

Re: American civiel war

Thank you for the info Thomas
Bedankt maat zoals ze in brabant zeggen hahaha

Re: American civiel war

Graag gedaan.