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Strelets continue to amaze and astound

This morning I received a list of Strelets' figures from the 'local' supplier of my 'habit', Andrew of Military Hobbies, who is in direct contact with Yuri/Strelets.

What marvellous reading it made!

New releases
- M159 Early WWII US Infantry in Combat (discussed in a thread below)
- 260 Austrian Infantry on the March (already previewed by Yuri)
- 261 Austrian Infantry in Attack (already previewed by Yuri)
- 274 Bavarian Infantry in Square (which I did not realise was coming)

M143 Long Range Patrol at Rest (re-issue)
M144 Long Range Desert Group (re-issue)
M145 SAS Desert Ambush (re-issue)
044 Trabants of Charles XII (re-issue)
048 Napoleon's General Staff 2 (re-issue)
148 Pickett's Charge 1 Gettisburg (re-issue)
150 US Infantry in Attack (re-issue)
152 Pickett's Charge 2 Gettisburg (re-issue)
153 US Infantry in Attack 2 (re-issue)
084 Borodino (4 sets incl. old no.087 and 022)

Unfortunately, there are more listed as coming to an end, interestingly including some re-releases of the recent past

M114 Japanese Troops in Tropical Uniform (re-issue)
M121 Imperial Japanese Army Heavy Weapons (re-issue)
M122 Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform (re-release)
105 French Cuirassiers in Attack (re-issue)
140 Highlanders on the March (re-issue)
147 Confederates on the March Gettisburg (re-issue)
149 US Infantry on the March (re-issue)

[Spelling of the names of the sets repeated per the list]

Re: Strelets continue to amaze and astound

Thank you James. Is it the Military Hobbies in California or somewhere else? And was the key info of ‘When’ mentioned at all? I am in the US and readily admit to a sort of haunting Hannants for their new arrivals listings of 1/72, particularly any new WSS. But then again I prefer to order from Scott at Dauntless Hobbies in California on eBay. I would also add a caution for most of the Italian vendors on eBay - one of which carries a justified rating in the low 90’s - so be forearmed and beware.
Anyway, when the new WSS Austrians do come out I will quickly sate my desire to have some - just to have them - and then unfairly start asking and looking for the Bourbon Spanish, Dutch and Bavarians.
Finally, thanks to Strelets again for coming on and cleaning out the spam and such unwanted interjections into ‘our’ forum. It is a necessary - and continuous chore - unfortunately, on par with junk mail and boiler room phone calls.

Re: Strelets continue to amaze and astound

Dear Toby,

The Military Hobbies that I mentioned is my 'local' supplier in South Australia (I'm in the west).

Andrew mentioned that he plans to send off an order by the end of the week, so I am assuming that they will arrive on our shores sometime in June.

I assume that they will move pretty soon on Hannants' website from 'future releases' to 'new arrivals' (or I'll see them mentioned in a email from Models 2 U).

Kind regards,


Re: Strelets continue to amaze and astound

Salve, e sempre grato a strelets per gli sforzi che fa per continuare la loro attività.... Domanda vedremo mai realizzati la versione nuova degli highlanders dedicata alla linea rossa? Anche separatamente da quella confezione.... Che anche se criticata da molti tornerebbe utile per il periodo napoleonico.... Le pose mi piacevano molto.... Il mio fornitore italiano di fiducia mi dice che al momento contengono sempre la versione vecchia..... Così e per aggiungere una domanda vedremo forse Prussiani Francesi di linea e Guardie Imperiali per il periodo napoleonico nelle pose di tiro in piazza etc? Grazie ancora e forza strelets

Re: Strelets continue to amaze and astound

Went to the Models 2 U (in UK) website and quickly added it to my bookmarks. I found it most curious in perusing thru the website that they list an upcoming Strelets release in their Napoleonic ‘new releases’ section of a set SM106 US Rangers (presumedly from War of 1812). (Note - old set SM107 was Tecumseh.) Anyone know anything about this? Is it an old proposed set that never came to fruition or another valid upcoming release from Strelets - possibly some from Anton??? Might they be in hunting shirts with US shakos???