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Re: 3-D Printing In General

Wayne (and Everyone also!), you've got to buy the "Linear-A 061 Imperial Roman Command Set 1 'Centuriones'" I agree with PSR. I bought a Baker's Dozen of National Geographic handheld magnifying glasses just to look at my Soldiers. When you look at real close at these figures, it'll just amaze you. The Helmets, the Faces, the Chest Plates, and the Shields! Being 3D printed, there is no worries about undercutting or add on parts. And amazingly, the plastic is bendable with 100% memory, so long as you don't abuse this feature. And don't miss the fact there is a Set II to go with it. You get 10 poses and 4 of each one, so be sure to leave one group unpainted just so you can look at them under your magnifying glass and be reminded that this is just possibly one of the greatest moments in toy soldier history since the intro of plastic itself, as opposed to metal. And combine these with all of the outstanding Strelets-R Roman Sets, and lookout, just like the Toy Story movie, these little guys will come alive at night and make your Cat run, your Dog bark, and wake you up in wonderment. As Sgt. Dagineau of Beau Geste famously said - "I promise you!"