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Thank you for letting us know.

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So nice indeed to see this forum unlocked. A little piece of heaven on earth, and an oasis of happiness and joy. Then also seeing the figures of a new Strelets set is the icing on the cake :-) What an awesome day! Good thing do happen!!!

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Great to see another update. Both sets of Austrian infantry look superb.

I have no need for any Austrian’s in my WSS collection for Blenheim, but I’m sure they’ll do a super job as a different nationality. Does anyone have any information to suggest these couldn’t be used as Prussian’s or Hanoverien’s?

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I have missed this forum, good to see it live again.

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The only way to wake up on a Sunday morning is to pour a hot cop of Black Joe (Coffee) and log onto the Strelets Forum and the PSR Site to see all the latest of good news. Recently, I have been building up an International Modern Army to fight, now don't get mad, my Terminator Collection. On the Human side, I just added a few boxes of:

Mars Figures 1/72 UKRAINIAN DEFENDERS Figure Set

The are excellent sculpting and mine come in a nice Light Green.

On the Terminator side, I finally found some small-scale Robots advertised as 28mm but more like 32mm plus. But in an absolutely cool silver color and snap together in hard plastic so I can do many Conversions. These don't need to be in Soft Plastic since they are Robots.:

With The Terminator Salvation #4 movie they came out with some really great tanks and aircraft that fit perfectly with the 28mm T-800's.

Have a nice Sunday everyone! Durn, I need more Joe - GC

VIP to Ukraine (Victory, Independence & Peace)