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Re: Forum

Dear Strelets,

I hope and wait for some 'all going well' in your direct sphere.

Still, a bit of it in this small aspect, over which you have a bit more control, will be well received by those who check in here for news about the 'small things' that bring us so much joy and occupy much of our time and efforts in collecting, painting/setting up and using in one way or another. I am guessing and hoping that the marching Austrians will be part of this. Perhaps others too?!

No matter what, this is superb news. All the very best to you Yuri and to the wider Strelets 'family'.

Kind regards, James

Re: Forum

Dear James,

yes, marching Austrians should be part of the new lot.
Best regards,


Re: Forum


Thank you for letting us know.

Re: Forum

So nice indeed to see this forum unlocked. A little piece of heaven on earth, and an oasis of happiness and joy. Then also seeing the figures of a new Strelets set is the icing on the cake :-) What an awesome day! Good thing do happen!!!

Re: Forum

Great to see another update. Both sets of Austrian infantry look superb.

I have no need for any Austrian’s in my WSS collection for Blenheim, but I’m sure they’ll do a super job as a different nationality. Does anyone have any information to suggest these couldn’t be used as Prussian’s or Hanoverien’s?

Re: Forum

I have missed this forum, good to see it live again.

Re: Forum

The only way to wake up on a Sunday morning is to pour a hot cop of Black Joe (Coffee) and log onto the Strelets Forum and the PSR Site to see all the latest of good news. Recently, I have been building up an International Modern Army to fight, now don't get mad, my Terminator Collection. On the Human side, I just added a few boxes of:

Mars Figures 1/72 UKRAINIAN DEFENDERS Figure Set

The are excellent sculpting and mine come in a nice Light Green.

On the Terminator side, I finally found some small-scale Robots advertised as 28mm but more like 32mm plus. But in an absolutely cool silver color and snap together in hard plastic so I can do many Conversions. These don't need to be in Soft Plastic since they are Robots.:

With The Terminator Salvation #4 movie they came out with some really great tanks and aircraft that fit perfectly with the 28mm T-800's.

Have a nice Sunday everyone! Durn, I need more Joe - GC

VIP to Ukraine (Victory, Independence & Peace)