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Re: More from Mont St Jean

Nice to see the scene coming along with figures being placed. Even the little details such as the wagons etc.

Re: More from Mont St Jean

I salute you, Mon Gen-er-all! A little Napoleonic French/English there. Wow, what an amazing structure. I just love forts, farms, battlements, and more and more. Anything full-bodied 20mm 1/72 HO soldiers can fight from behind. Your work here is so amazing. It really shows the other side of greatly uniformed soldiers fighting. Not always beautiful glory. I did see the doctor's pile of removed limbs. That's a first for me in Napoleonics.

P.S. I did check out your Blog. Such hard work and amazing results. Still, I am hopeful you continue to post to this Forum. Your Contributions I am sure do so much to help keep this Forum lively! Thank you so much, and with immense enjoyment! - GC

Re: More from Mont St Jean

Soo nice, Every detail is thoroughly thought through, even the mountain of amputated arms and legs depict so truthfully the cruel reality of war. A real masterpiece.