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Re: Mont St Jean Farmhouse

Agreed, great work and much appreciated in these "dry" times.

Re: Mont St Jean Farmhouse

Fantastic yet again & great to see something away from the most intense fighting. Have read/watched some of the new discoveries from the dig at Mont St Jean farm by Waterloo Uncovered. Think there was a trench that not only had some poor chap in, but also some horse skeletons too. Think they said they actually led the horses down into the trench, before putting them out of their misery. Showing the casualties/dead in a field hospital setting helps show some sad realism which at times gets forgotten about with these battles.

As others have said, good of you to keep the forum alive in these quiet times. Shame Strelets haven't been able to release their British line infantry in square or create and release some of the other allies in square, so that some more excellent figures could of been part of the allied squares in your diorama, which when all placed out with French cavalry all around them will look simply breathtaking I am sure.

Re: Mont St Jean Farmhouse

Ah, so very, very nice! Love those Scarlet Red uniforms. And the casualties are so realistic. Thank you so much for posting some of your photos of this monumental project. It's pure pleasure and so appreciated to find these posted here when you can on this forum. :+1:

Re: Mont St Jean Farmhouse

Thank you for feeding us eye candy. I feel like a kid that fell into the candy bucket on Halloween when I see your work - Happy!

Re: Mont St Jean Farmhouse

Great great great!

You have a lot of work still there but you have it so clear than adapting the roof is just a little issue.

How many of the 403 KGL defenders in green uniforms do you need to place in your diorama scale?