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Waterloo Crossroads

Dear Forum Members,

Well, it has been a while, and my apologies for being absent from the forum for so long. A late summer blast of heat here in the UK has allowed me to get outside and start the next section of my Waterloo project: the area north of La Haye Sainte to the crossroads. Here are some photos:

There are five squares, 79th Camerons, 28th Glosters, 27th Inniskillings, 32nd Cornwalls and 8th KGL.

This is the cottage just north of the crossroads:

8th KGL in the foreground:

28th Glosters in the foreground:

1st/95th line the hedge and occupy the sandpit:

The sandpit from La Haye Sainte:

About half of the 1st/95th are in place:

The orchard looking north:

There is still a great deal to do, but they're already about 4,000 figures on this part of the diorama. May I also add that my excuses for not posting are so very insignificant compared to the challenges faced by Strelets. I submit this post in their honour.

Re: Waterloo Crossroads

You do our hobby great justice sir, outstanding.

Re: Waterloo Crossroads

Wow!! Superb work there! Not just the figures, but the landscaping & terrain too.
Simply impressive! The size of this whole diorama never ceases to amaze me! Truely museum/gallery quality.

Re: Waterloo Crossroads

What puzzles/worries me is that if a diorama this size is set up in a museun or gallery or where ever: how to prevent dust landing on it? One just can not dust it with any kind of brush. Nor use a vacuumclener. Fixing some kind of ventilationsystem under/over/around it? It's way too big to have a clear plastic "box" to cover it and the visul effect would suffer - it needs the open space over it.

Re: Waterloo Crossroads

So glad to see another series of pictures of your diorama. Simply beautiful.

Re: Waterloo Crossroads


thats impressive

my favourite battle (to the extent you can have one) and nice to see brought to life

keep up the good work


Re: Waterloo Crossroads

Just love those British Squares! Thank you for posting your pictures. A real pleasure to look at time and again. Please keep it up! - GC