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A Happy Day!

Just wandered over to the local hobby shop here in Berlin and found a nice collection of older Strelets sets, including the following:

STR085 Norman Knights
STR128 Norman Train
STRM001 Normans
STRM004 Vikings
STRM089 Caesar's Army in Battle

Some SPQR legionaries are always handy, and the Vikings are perfect for Harald Hardrada's adventures in eastern & southern Europe as well as his 1066 adventure. Since the Normans are mostly based on the 1066-1204 Normans book by Osprey I will probably use them for purposes inspired by two campaigns present in the Age of Empires II PC game, namely The Hautevilles and on the lives of Frederick Barbarossa/Henry of Saxony.

Hugs from the west and hope everyone in the Strelets family is as happy as possible. :)

Re: A Happy Day!

Dear Babylonian,

I know how you feel - the excitement! I collected these same sets you list for everyone when they first came out. I bought the Normans and Enemies with the intention of making a Playset based on the Charlton Heston movie, "The War Lord." Nice simple one with lots of battle scenarios. In fact, I bought the Strelets Turks just because I liked the Fez hat, but not knowing what I was going to do with them. Now I'm using them as Egyptian Soldiers protecting Gordon Pasha in his Khartoum Palace. Like you, I hope other Collectors buy all of their favorites while we can still find them, just in case!

I enjoy your excitement! - GC