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Re: OK, So Here's Where I'm at ... !!!

Hi Baratheon,

The question regarding the Egyptian flag is a good one. There is a photograph of Kitchener's men raising the Egyptian and British flags over Gordon Pasha's Palace after taking back Khartoum in 1898. The Egyptian flag clearly only has one star. I also looked at the site and all the medals given out during the battles at that time only have one star also. A photo of the Palace in 1936, though, clearly has 3 stars on the Egyptian flag.

In, Battle of Abu Klea, 1885 when Gordon was killed the Campaign Medals also have only 1 star. Scroll down to the bottom.

But if you look in, they show a flag with 3 stars which was used up until 1885 when Khartoum fell to the Mahdists.

So I'm going to guess that from 1885 until at least 1898 the flag only had one star. That's what I'll put on my Playset Palace anyhow, but could be wrong.

So, I'm no expert on the history of flags and I'm only making assumptions by looking up any kind of pictorial evidence. I can only hope it helps, but please don't hold me to this.

Cheers and good luck - GC

Re: OK, So Here's Where I'm at ... !!!

Thanks Garrison, this was helpful. I also lean towards your theory about time-periods used for the 2 flags being right. I was always surprised to learn The Sudan-Mahdist war consisted of several campaigns over a 18 year period. A fascinating time in history.