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Re: A Vendor’s Take On the Strelets - and other Ukrainian Producers

Quote By Wayne W.: "My own take is I realized when I was going through lymphoma year before last that I had more unpainted figures and projects waiting on my shelf than I'll ever have time to get to - even barring premature departure from this plain of existence. But that's me."

I think for some of us who enjoy this hobby, it's like having a secret lover. Like the line in the song "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues ... "Letters I've written, never meaning to send." Well, maybe for us it's sort of like "Projects I've begun, never meaning to end." Keep building future projects; just the act of knowing they are there just for your sole enjoyment, makes you happier inside and out.

Of course, when we sit at our desks, only we know it's not really a secret lover - it's really "Our Secret Passion."

My doctor said to me, Wayne, "It's my job to cure you of this, so you can die of something else!" He's achieved mission success.

VIP to Ukraine, and the rest of us. - GC

Re: A Vendor’s Take On the Strelets - and other Ukrainian Producers

It is good to know they are still alive.