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Re: Let's Keep Posting Everyone!

Roger W
I am not a big tech person so am not sure, but don't people have to pay/rent webspace for putting up a website? If so, its quite possible that with all thats going on, renewal has simply slipped and so the website is down. With so much to deal with during this war, I doubt it was high on the list of priorities. It hasn't been updated in ages anyway. Its this forum where we hear of news either from the frontline or regarding new/planned sets. So I would be much more concerned if the forum disappeared.

Also I think I heard that there has been some evacuations in the area surrounding Kharkiv due to more intense Russian shelling? So that could be a contributing reason too. Can't be easy having to leave what & who you know behind, all what you have built for yourself, leaving your "roots" so to speak.

Basically the war is to blame one way or another. We just have to sit tight, wait & see. Strelets would post on here anything important.

I continue to wish all those in Ukraine the very best. Team Strelets, their loved ones & those on the frontlines. I hope for your survival & of course victory.
Roger you are probably right, fingers crossed.