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Re: Long silence

Guys I know we have been spoiled in the past with previews every Friday, but fact is the war & everything around it, will take priority over some small little plastic men. Homes, families & yes businesses are all being affected, in the most catastrophic of circumstances. When shells, missiles & even drones are crashing all around, maybe right into your home, normal life and of course working routines change.
With people more concerned about not just their personal survival, but the very existance of their nation, things like providing plenty of news for a forum falls by the wayside.

That being said, I did directly email Strelets admin a little while ago, simply just enquiring about a planned set we seen some masters for a while ago & whether we can still expect to see it eventually, or if it was cancelled/destroyed etc. I was told, yes it was still on the agenda, albeit depending on the conflicts ongoing effects, which I fully understood the implications of. We only need to see the situation concerning grain at the moment to see just how changable a situation can become. One minute you can sort of operate at one level, the next you can't even keep it safe, let alone transport it.

So yes, there is life still in the company, but life in the trenches kind of means other things take a backseat. The loss of a highly talented sculptor would also of course play into this scenario.

Lets just hope that the staff & their families/friends can stay safe as can be, and as and when they find time, perhaps they can manage to produce some little works of art occaisionally.
Right now,I am impressed with what they are able to manage all things considered.

Re: Long silence

I agree with you completely Roger. I’ve just been hoping that they are safe. The longer they went silent the more I grew concerned for their well being. I’m glad that you heard back from them!

Re: Long silence

Strelets admin I have always found have tended to reply quickly to any direct emails etc.
The forum just cant be updated all the time as it used to be, with things being as they are.
I know there is always that voice that fears the worse when a prolonged period of silence occurs at the moment, I understand that. But I think a lot of the time, we just need to remember the affect on logistics & peoples very lives that the conflict is doing.

Its not business as usual I imagine, but more a case of "we are doing what we can, when we can, if we can".

Re: Long silence

L'essentiel, c'est que nos amis de strelets et leurs familles aillent bien. Et tant qu'ils vont bien cela reste une bonne nouvelle.