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Re: Happy Independence Day

Yes, Happy 4th to you, too! It was a nice Holiday for me, however, there are many State and Federal Parks around me, so there was unusually high traffic, keeping me indoors mostly. Fireworks are pretty much on T.V. or controlled by he local cities. Given the circumstances, it was nice to see anyway.

I hope the Strelets Team and Friends are well, too. I don't like the silence, either. The 4th is over now and it's Friday again. Fingers crossed!

Stay safe everyone.

Re: Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to our American cousins.


Re: Happy Independence Day

It goes both ways, Paintdog! I went to Catholic School here and my 7th Grade French Teacher, Madam Ricotti I just adored! In High School, the Fathers at Serrra High were mostly first and second generation immigrants from during WWII. Man, were they tough! But they all molded me into a better person. By the way, my Mother's side of our family were Scottish, English and Irish. My Father's side of my family were German, French and Dutch. That was a marriage made in heaven! :innocent: