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Re: Graham, do you wash?

James Fisher
Loved the witty subject line Donald and further fun that it generated. A hearty laugh over a morning coffee!

I have nothing on you mob with your fancy army painters and washes!#.


#I'm happily stuck well and truly in the 80s and 90s with black undercoat (Payne's Grey), base coat of main colours, black acrylic ink wash (with a drop of Pledge One Go added to increase viscosity) and then highlight/dry brush.

Good on you, James. I am pretty well in the same 'stuck in the past' approach to painting. OK, so I've progressed beyond shiny enamels, although I do still have a stock of 'smelly' Humbrol pots and use them occasionally, but the world of quick-paint washes etc has left me behind.

So, I wash a little, and only when necessary. The rest of the time it's good, fairly solid (sometimes thinned) colours over a dark base coat. Works for me, anyway.