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Re: Should we discuss Primer? I gesso.

Oh dont get me wrong Donald, I know there are wargamers out there who do indeed like their armies properly painted, I just meant that there are some out there who, at the beginning at least, just want theirs to be the same colour, hence some people in the past requesting a set be made a certain colour plastic.
In terms of Napoleonics, red for British, blue for French, green for Russian etc.
I had a chat with a guy I bought some figures 2nd hand from online, he too was into Napoleonics & having armies for wargames, but he said its the tactical side of things he was more into, rather than the painting/uniforms side of things. So all he cared about was the figures belonging to a particular nation being the same colour, hence my earlier comment about coloured primers.
I am not a wargamer, so wouldnt know the ratio of who prefers their armies to be just the same colour to those who want them painted properly with uniforms. But yes like you, I enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby. In fact, if I wasn't that keen on painting, I probably wouldnt even be bothering buying figures in the first place!

No I can't say I would of deliberately gone out and bought various different colours of primer either, like I said, I was also happy with grey primer as a "balance" between white & black. The only reason I have them now, is due to being bought some by family on my birthday a few months back.

As it stands, I wont run out of all 4 bottles at the same time, so at most I would only be buying 1-2 bottles as replacements if do decide to continue with the colours.
I should add these colour primers I have are the Vallejo 17ml bottles rather than the Army Painter colour primer spray way would I pay the amount that little lot would cost for each colour per spray can!!! I have just the one can bought on an impulse to try out, but even though I think its decent stuff, I would only ever entertain getting the one can. I generally brush on primer anyway.

But either way, I am just as happy using a simple neutral grey primer as I am a coloured one. So long as it does the job.
I guess the one thing I have noticed, is that by having a colour for each nation, I dont seem to be buying a bottle of primer quite as often. As when was just using grey, a single bottle was doing everything.

Re: Should we discuss Primer? I gesso.

Blame me indeed! :relaxed:

I've said me bit, so will merely read the responses.

Regards, James