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Dear Strelets,

Yesterday I received my order of the new sets, plus a coupla others.

The figures are so, so, so good. Even better in reality than they look in the photos (which is a common experience, I find). Thank you again for these little gems.

I looked over the boxes of the (nominal) Dutch and Bavarian cuirassiers to see if there was a dedication to Anton. Perhaps the prep. and printing of these pre-dated his passing?

Could be a something for the (hopefully, in time, when/if it occurs) coming Austrian and Bavarian infantry?

Kind regards,


Re: Dedication

I will second that motion .

Re: Dedication

A fine idea, yes this would be a definite tribute.

Re: Dedication

Yes, a Dedication in appreciation for the outstanding talents put into these sets, also so his memory lives on with his friends here, and further in an emptiness in me for all of the sets that he will never be able to make in the future - RIP

:flag-ua: "VIP to Ukraine - Victory, Independence and Peace to Ukraine"

Re: Dedication

totally agree doing a Dedication to Anton, his talent is greatly missed, my thoughts and prayers to his family and all Strelets team and their families
Victory to Ukraine
cheers Old John

Re: Dedication

I think it would be a great gesture. As has been said, you're not truly dead until you're forgotten.

Re: Dedication

Would be a great tribute

Re: Dedication

I concur whole-heartedly, both with the dedication and with the messages of support to Anton's friends and family. Our loss is small compared to theirs, but there is no doubt the hobby is diminished by his passing. I wish I had taken the opportunity to thank him for his wonderful, characterful work, from the French chasseurs in great coats, where he is pictured on the box, but especially the marlburians and the '45, which I've been amassing and gradually getting onto the table in numbers greater than any other era that I've collected.

Peace be with him.