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Re: Riders on horses

Roger W
Ah yes, its a bit more awkward if you have already painted them!! Don't worry, its happened to me once too!! I was too eager to paint some cavalry up, only to find they could barely get their legs around the horse, let alone sit in the saddle!!!

Re: Riders on horses


I pin my riders to their horses before I paint them.

Slightly undignified, but fundamentally, using a small hand-held drill with tiny bit I make a hole in the rider's posterior, then one in the horse' back in the middle of the saddle.

I then push a pin into the hole in the horse, snip it off leaving about 5mm proud, add a little superglue, and push the rider onto it with as much force as is needed to keep him there. You might need to hold him a little bit for security.....

One pin can normally do two horses.....

In addition, for those soft-legged airfix horses, I pin through the base, into the belly of the horse and out the saddle so that the rider is pinned to the horse, the horse is pinned to the base and has a bit of support.

Cheers, Steve