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Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

Sorry Asher, think I may not have expressed myself very well there! Explored the far-west of the USA extensively and visited site of many battles -The Fetterman Fight, Little Big Horn, Big Hole, Wounded Knee, the Hayfield and other sites, plus visited ‘dead Indian Pass’. I love the history of the US Frontier.

What I MEANT to say was that the figures for that era in existence already tend to reflect Hollywood’s notions of what the combatants look like, and it would be nice to see some truly accurate sculpts of the US Cavalry, infantry and artillery/Gatling guns, plus of course some decent figures of the Native American/First Nations who participated.

So totally agree and with you my friend!

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

Ahhh I see what your saying Graham. A little misunderstanding on my part. But I couldn’t agree more.

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!