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Re: Previews

James - the older I get, the more I am busied by ‘aimless pondering’. That’s not a bad thing as I just stay up later to finish my work…..then sleep late.
Plastic Soldier Review (PSW) posted their review over the weekend of the WSS Dutch Cuirassiers…….always a treat from them with their in-depth analysis. They presented the mystery of the one horse without a valise on the back of the saddle - or two considering two sprues. At first I thought it was to go to the officer, but then the box art shows that sterling and fantastic figure - one of the best imo - with a valise. So, who gets to ride the horses without the valise. How’s that for an aimless pondering? They also noted one rider without a scabbard and I just had to pull my out of the box to check. Yep, missing. But not a show stopper by any means. PSW guessed it was a mold issue and that is my guess too. Might have broken off in the molding process Strelets and the master is still in the mold. If it is you can dig it out, vent and Viola! hopefully.
Message to Strelets - my best wishes to all there, and keep them coming as best you can. I recently purchased the UNIFORMOLOGY copy of The Army of the Blue King (Bavaria) so I am ready for the Bavarian line infantry any time now - but I shall remain patient.