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Re: sognare è bello

Dear Luca,

This is a HUGE list that could not and will never be achieved, but, since you asked for preferences, I will have a go.

I would start with the big gaps and those that are needed in big numbers.

1. Austrian line infantry in helmets, summer dress, preferably firing/in attack, then marching.
-either a mix of German and Hungarian dress, say 9:1 or 10:2 or, preferably but less likely, separate sets.
2. Ditto to 1, but in shakos.
3. Post 1808 Russian musketeers, full summer dress, preferably firing/in attack, then marching.
4. Post 1808 Russian musketeers, in greatcoats, preferably firing/in attack, then marching.
5. French line infantry, pre-Bardin uniform (i.e. mid-empire) in full dress of gaiters, trousers, shakos, plumes for élite cos/pom-poms for fusiliers. That is, an update of the Esci/Italeri sets with corrections to uniform for the three 'classes'.
- either a mix of say 1:4:1 voltigeurs:fusiliers:grenadiers or, preferably but less likely, separate sets.
6. Austrian line inf in greatcoats (per 1 and 2).

Even this makes for a long list.

The fact that Strelets, Redbox/Alliance/Orion, Mars and (by association) linear-A are still producing new sets of figures is amazing. Yuri has indicated that the masters that have been previewed on this forum are planned to be released (all going well—and, let's fact it, it has only just been well enough for over a year). If that can be pulled off, it will be a sensational achievement and well received.

Regards, James

[A translation which is via Google translate. I have to apologise for my lack of Italian. I re-translated it and found that it had altered some key words!! :grimacing:

Caro Luca,

Questo è un elenco ENORME che non potrebbe e non sarà mai raggiunto, ma, poiché hai chiesto preferenze, ci proverò.

Inizierei con le grandi lacune e quelle che sono necessarie in grandi numeri.

1. Fanteria di linea austriaca con elmetti, abiti estivi, preferibilmente sparando/in attacco, poi marcia.
-o un mix di abiti tedeschi e ungheresi, diciamo 9:1 o 10:2 o, preferibilmente ma meno probabilmente, set separati.
2. Idem a 1, ma in shakos.
3. Moschettieri russi successivi al 1808, in completo abito estivo, preferibilmente sparando/attaccando, poi marciando.
4. Moschettieri russi dopo il 1808, in soprabito, preferibilmente sparando/attaccando, poi marciando.
5. Fanteria di linea francese, uniforme pre-Bardin (cioè medio impero) in completo di ghette, pantaloni, shakos, piume per cos/pon-pon d'élite per fucilieri. Ovvero un aggiornamento dei set Esci/Italeri con correzioni alla divisa per le tre 'classi'.
- o un mix di diciamo 1:4:1 voltigeurs:fusiliers:grenadiers o, preferibilmente ma meno probabile, set separati.
6. Linea austriaca inf in soprabito (per 1 e 2).

Anche questo rende l'elenco lungo.

Il fatto che Strelets, Redbox/Alliance/Orion, Mars e (per associazione) linear-A stiano ancora producendo nuove serie di figure è sorprendente. Yuri ha indicato che i master che sono stati presentati in anteprima su questo forum dovrebbero essere rilasciati (tutto sta andando bene—e, diciamolo, è appena andato abbastanza bene da più di un anno). Se ciò può essere realizzato, sarà un risultato sensazionale e ben accolto.

Saluti, James]

Re: sognare è bello

Yep, agreed James. As much as I would love to see that list of Luca's become a reality, its highly unlikely much of it will come to fruition, even during peacetime. Some of the sets maybe.

I get what he is trying to say though, how we now have various types of set (firing, attack/advance, marching, in square etc), and that certain nations have been started but not completed (Brunswick just the Leib battalion standing shoulder arms).
I too would love to see British/KGL, Brunswickers, Nassau & perhaps Dutch/Belgian figures "in square" sets, but right now would happily just settle for the British & Brunswickers in square.

I agree with the sets you mention too James, big gaps indeed when Napoleonics is concerned. Austrians in helmets, while HaT have done some, they most certainly could be done better. But just as a heads up to those who require such figures, there are some 3D print Austrians kicking around on ebay now I have noticed. Both helmet & shako, fusiliers & also grenadiers, both German & Hungarian. So theres an option there whilst waiting for Strelets to take a look. They look to have decent proportions anatomically, compared to some 3D print figures. May be worth a look for now.

I agree with the Russian sets. The 1812 era Russian line so far have marching & standing type sets but no "action" ones. Also the numerous & reasonably varied cossack cavalry that was around in the 1812 campaign you could suggest need some attention.
I would add post Bardin reform French as well as the 1808-1812 you mention. I am yet to see a really good set of 1812-1815 French infantry. Waterloo1815 came close, but the marching set had poses with different feet forward, meaning half the box can't be formed up with the other half, and while the voltigeur company was dealt with the grenadier company had been forgotten entirely. Also the fusiliers only had marching as I said, no standing in reserve, advancing/in attack or firing line figures at all. Perhaps Strelets could fill in the gaps that the Waterloo1815 guys missed rather than go mad on it. Fusilier firing line, in attack/advance & full dress grenadiers? Would have to try and match the scale though as I think Strelets normal sizing (the best!), would look a little short against the Waterloo 1815 figures who according to PSR average 24-24.5mm tall.

Only other type of figures I would say could use some attention are French Young Guard in full or campaign dress marching & in a more action based set (thinking of Plancenoit), & some British/KGL hussars....but with a emphasis on their sabres rather than carbines, 2 sets something like we have seen in the WSS range of cavalry, like in attack or standing ready sabres drawn. Pelisse's slung on shoulder rather than wearing them.

But this is all wishful thinking anyway, as it stands. Right now what we really need is the war to give way to peace, and Strelets staff & their families to finally be able to live their lives safe. Then, after a period of rest & spending time with family & Ukraine grieving those lost, maybe they can then continue to carry on the amazing work they have managed even in dire circumstances.

Re: sognare è bello

your right roger ifs this war ended tomorrow it would take a while could be years. to get back to normal for our hosts it will be along rebuild but the people will over come in the end. there doing a great job knocking out the few sets.that are about thats what freedom is all about ,showing that there will wont be broken

Don’t forget the Americans!

I mean since we’re just throwing around improbable ideas here, I’d like to add my two cents. I’d also like to see Strelets cover the American Army for the War of 1812 just as they plan to cover other Napoleonic nations. Americans in attack, firing line, on the march, etc… for the Americans you’d only need about three units types as well: Line infantry, Riflemen, and Militia. And then a set of artillery, and about three cavalry types: Dragoons, mounted militia, and the Kentucky Cavalry regiment present at the Thames and else where on the Canadian front. Not a lot… but at the same time it is a lot. One may dream anyways.

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

Hey as someone on the other side of the border and a fan of Napoleonics in North America aka War of 1812, I can heartily support Asher’s request. All the mentioned American units would be welcomed especially MacArthur’s Cav., which ravaged my neck of the woods. A militia package that would cover both US and Canadian forces would be welcomed. First Nations warriors played a critical role in many of this conflict’s battles and rarely get the recognition they deserve in preserving British/Canadian territory. They too deserve to be immortalized in plastic.

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

Would also be interested in figures for wars on the North American continent.....AWI, War of 1812 & maybe even some more ACW.

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

Roger W
Would also be interested in figures for wars on the North American continent.....AWI, War of 1812 & maybe even some more ACW.
I'd still enjoy a little more G.A. Custer and American Indian Wars themed figures. There is nothing available in truly soft plastic and excellent matching blue colors quite like Strelets and Airfix. Cheers!

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

Amen to that! The Indian Wars are very I’ll-served and have more to do with Hollywood than history I fear.

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

I think you’d be surprised Graham. The Indian Wars were full of heated combat. The Nez Perce, Little Big Horn, Modock, and Apache campaigns (just to name a few) are full of battles and skirmishes

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

Sorry Asher, think I may not have expressed myself very well there! Explored the far-west of the USA extensively and visited site of many battles -The Fetterman Fight, Little Big Horn, Big Hole, Wounded Knee, the Hayfield and other sites, plus visited ‘dead Indian Pass’. I love the history of the US Frontier.

What I MEANT to say was that the figures for that era in existence already tend to reflect Hollywood’s notions of what the combatants look like, and it would be nice to see some truly accurate sculpts of the US Cavalry, infantry and artillery/Gatling guns, plus of course some decent figures of the Native American/First Nations who participated.

So totally agree and with you my friend!

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!

Ahhh I see what your saying Graham. A little misunderstanding on my part. But I couldn’t agree more.

Re: Don’t forget the Americans!