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Re: New Dark Alliance Figures

Hello Steve,
Where you have Seen the Masters ?

Hello Michael.
The owner of the range showed me some of the masters as part of a conversation.

Re: New Dark Alliance Figures

VERY PLEASED to see more Alliance sets finally coming! I was thrilled to see supposed box art for Gondor Knights on VK! Interested to see the Dol Amrath set as these troops were totally ignored in the films. Not sure why they are doing 2 Eastern Tribe cavalry sets, but the more the merrier! Looking very much forward to these sets! Thanks for posting this MichaelHinz!

Re: New Dark Alliance Figures

Good afternoon gentlemen,
This is wonderful news. Glad to see that they are back at it. I believe the two sets of eastern cavalry could be the "Wainriders". I did a little digging on LOTR Wiki. Cant wait for their release.
Take care gentlemen and lets keep praying for Ukraine, Ole Ben

Re: New Dark Alliance Figures

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting thought Ole Ben! I also did some digging awhile ago & saw the Eastern Tribes (Wasaki) had their own cavalry, tho the movies only showed infantry. I assumed the new sets were them, but I like your thought better. We shall have to wait & see.

Re: New Dark Alliance Figures

yes sir, I believe the Wasaki would make awesome heavy Cavalry. And i could be completely wrong about them being Wainriders. After reading that LOTR WIKI entry it just seemed that they may be the opponents of the contingent from Dol Amreth that was sent to aid the good guys at the Lonely Mountain. At any rate, I am just glad they have gotten production back going. My kids are real excited, they love the fantasy figures. Well.... I do to, aint gonna lie.

Re: New Dark Alliance Figures

Looking forward to these sets

Both the Easterlings and the Southrons fielded Cavalry in LOTR at the Pelenor fields and no doubt on other occasions

Hopefully there are some Southern Kingdom heavy foot coming too


Re: New Dark Alliance Figures

I agree & it is what I thought when I saw the mention of Eastern Tribe Cavalty, but Wainriders intrigue me. They fought on the side of men at the Lonely Mt? I had thought only Dwarves, Morkwood Elves & the men of Dale fought there?

I am also looking forward to these sets & am very pleased things have allowed production to continue. I just love these fantasy lines!