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Question for ORION Re: Tank Crews

Thank you, Haron, for your lightning-fast reply. Some of the Ukrainian Tank Crew Soldiers seem to be wearing head gear that looks like the old WWII Russian soft helmets. I was hoping some of your existing sets might work. But, don't make any current sets for me. My interests are with the excellent WWII sets you've made.

What I really like about your sets:

1) The figures are full bodied with legs and I especially like with the legs closer together, the figures can fit more easily in the Tanks Turret Hatches.

2) I like your sitting poses, and again, especially with the legs closer together. For example, your LRDG sitting figures can sit side by side in the U.S. Half Tracks. I'm still waiting for a couple of Jeeps to see if they fit in them, too.

3) Your figures are run in some really beautiful colors, especially Blue, Brown, Tan. They really show off the fine details your sculpts boast.

OK, please keep up the great work and of course, you, your families, pets, friends and soldier friends stay safe! :flag-ua:

Question for ORION Re: Tank Crews

Not yet. Maybe in the future.
Greetings Haron! Any chance of Japanese tankers/mechanics?

Question for ORION Re: Tank Crews