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Re: Best Selling Range?

Although I haven't really delved into the era myself, apart from some British cavalry, the WSS I think is probably Strelets most popular range, at least on this forum it seems.

Coming a close 2nd, Napoleonics is another, with a good selection of sets, both new and old. At times some sets have been let down by some poor sculpt or design decisions, which I know has been a deal-breaker for some, me included. But in general, it is a range that has huge appeal, thanks in a large part to the decision to have sets focusing on an aspect of battle, such as marching, advancing, firing & hopefully more "in square" sets.

I think a range which had lots of potential, but maybe was let down by some poor sculpting or design again, was the ACW range. Some of the sets were good though, my personal favourites being the Union in attack sets 2 & 3.

Re: Best Selling Range?

That is a good question Asher, especially in view if the wide range of periods and campaigns that Strelets have covered; some of these are periods that no one else has made figures for.

In 'days of old' when this hobby was still relatively new, Napoleonics and/or WW2 would win without a doubt. But the WSS range has stirred up quite a bit of interest, and is unique in that no-one else (and I am including Zvezda here with their Great Northern War range) has tackled the War of Spanish Succession.

My money would be Napoleonics though. Not only have Strelets produced a lot of Napoleonic sets, but they continue to do so, indicating that buyers are still out there eager to buy sets of Bavarians, Russians, French, Prussians and...well just maybe.... British infantry circa 1815 in square:grinning:

Although personally I would prefer to see a set of British military engineers and sappers (only joking, but they might be useful, especially for the Peninsular...:wink: ).

Stay safe.

Re: Best Selling Range?

My understanding is that, with a few exceptions, Strelets have done single production runs.

Here are the sets that are no longer available (from them, based on a list I received in May, via my vendor ex-Yuri).

Strelets Mini (
M001 Napoleonic
M002 Napoleonic
M003 Napoleonic
M004 Mediaeval
M005 Mediaeval
M006 Mediaeval
M007 Mediaeval
M008 Mediaeval
M009 Napoleonic
M010 Great Northern War
M011 Napoleonic
M012 Mediaeval
M013 Napoleonic
M014 Mediaeval
M015 Napoleonic
M016 Mediaeval
M017 Napoleonic
M018 Napoleonic
M019 Napoleonic
M020 Ancient
M023 Crimea
M024 Crimea
M025 Crimea
M026 Crimea
M028 Crimea
M035 Ancient
M039 Crimea
M041 US Indian War/Civil War
M042 Great Northern War
M043 Great Northern War
M044 Great Northern War
M045 WWI
M047 American Civil War
M049 Crimea
M050 Crimea
M051 Crimea
M052 Crimea
M055 British Colonial
M056 Boer Wars
M057 British Colonial
M059 WWI
M060 WWI
M061 Crimea
M062 Crimea
M063 Crimea
M064 Crimea
M065 Crimea
M067 Napoleonic
M068 Jacobite
M069 Ancient
M070 Mediaeval
M071 Mediaeval
M072 WWI
M073 WWI
M074 WWI
M075 WWI
M076 WWI
M083 WWI
M092 Russo-Turkish War 1877
M098 War of 1812
M100 Ancient
M101 Ancient
M107 War of 1812
M117 Mediaeval
M118 Mediaeval
M127 WWI
M140 Mediaeval
M141 Mediaeval

Strelets-R (
001 Napoleonic
002 Napoleonic
003 Napoleonic
004 Mediaeval
005 Mediaeval
006 Mediaeval
007 Mediaeval
012 Mediaeval
014 Mediaeval
016 Mediaeval
017 Mediaeval
018 Napoleonic
051 Crimea
071 Mediaeval
084 Napoleonic

If this is anything to go by,
- The mini sets sell out more rapidly than the standard sets (fewer produced?).
- Crimea sets have sold well—no-one else has done them much? Similarly with cavalry of the First World War? Similarly with Mediaeval (Dark Ages)?

Overall, it is an eclectic mix, which is not surprising really?

Perhaps sales relate to the range of motivating factors that drive people to purchase: novelty, characteristics of the figures in the set, adaptability, period, nationality...

Regards, James