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Post Cards from Around the World - Anyone!

It's been a few weeks since we have had a Post Card from Strelets. It's one of my favorite highlights each weekend, so I'm going to write one to the Strelets Team instead.

Dear Strelets, I hope you, your families, pets and friends are all safe. I watch and read the news every day and can only hope and pray this ends soon. Here in the U.S. the news indicates there is strong sentiment on both sides for this to end. I could go on but Post Cards are for quick messages - always thinking of you. P.S. I buy most of my figures from Ukraine sellers in support for our friends there. Your Pal - GC

Re: Post Cards from Around the World - Anyone!

Greetings to all fellow enthusiasts from Pyramid Valley, New Zealand

I would congratulate Strelets for what it has achieved in its history, thus far. The wide range of subjects combined with high quality workmanship has seen this company make contributions to the hobby that will stand for a long time. Even just looking back at the last few years efforts, there are subject and eras represented that the collector/gamer/painter could only imagine. We can get most of the sets out here..... eventually.

Re: Post Cards from Around the World - Anyone!

Greetings to all from Moab, Utah. (This location truly is postcard worthy).

Currently on a holiday in the American desert. I must say it is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend visiting Arches National Park if you ever get the chance. It is breath taking; a true testament to God's beauty. With that being said, I must realize how lucky I am to have this incredible opportunity, when half way across the globe young men my age are fighting and dying in a brutal war. Strelets team, I keep you and your families in my prayers, and I desperately hope that some miracle may bring this war to an end sooner rather than later. I would also just like to thank you for the incredible work you've done under the current circumstances. As silly as it is in the grand scheme of things, this hobby is a big part of many people's lives. It brings me much joy, being able to escape the stress of the real world, paint my soldiers, and set them up in neat displays for my own enjoyment. As a history lover this hobby just scratches an itch that nothing else can... and Strelets has simultaneously been my favorite manufacturer in the business, and my wallets greatest enemy. I hope that you can continue to keep up production at any rate possible, and above all I hope that you stay safe.

Best Regards,
Asher Croy

Re: Post Cards from Around the World - Anyone!

I also want to send a postcard to the whole Strelets family ... just today I arrived via Waterloo 1815 by A.Pierini your new releases: all magnificent ... Thank you for your continuous work in this hobby that is our little joy, I hope you can develop other news and like everyone I hope that this war ends, a terrible thing that we still have to use the war to settle political disputes. A big huge to you and the Derbilov family. Marco .