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Bavarian Firing Line at RebelAlpha?

Do any my fellow North Americans know if Scott’s model shop had the new Bavarians on sale? Every other new Strelets set is available on his eBay store at the moment except for that one. I’m fearing it may have already sold out.

Re: Bavarian Firing Line at RebelAlpha?

Saturday morning: I had my eBay flagged to alert me to any of the new WSS and Jacobite sets and just ordered the new ones (all five) plus an earlier released set from Rebeldelphia in CA. I did not see the Napoleonic Bavarian Firing line (set 243?) either so I don’t think Scott at Rebeldelphia has it yet. But you can ask him about it as I’ve found him very helpful and candid and quick to reply. Hannants does not show Bavarians either, but two Italian dealers do show them on eBay.
Toby Barrett

Re: Bavarian Firing Line at RebelAlpha?

Appreciate it as always Toby. That’s good to hear. I thought I had missed it! Going forward I will try and email him. I’ve never thought to do that.