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Re: Napoleonic Uniform References?

I wouldn’t want to mislead you Roger, they were simpler from 1810 with collar standardised to red, like the turn backs had been. Shoulder straps by division. No Pom-pom centres.
That page on the Napoleon Series I gave the link to has it, the book I mentioned and I think Viskovatov does too?
(I’ve not painted any of my late Russians yet).
Cheers James

Re: Napoleonic Uniform References?

Just like anything James this sounds like something that gets easier with time and practice. Modeling the the American War of 1812 has given me some very modest experience in these sorts of matters, but that small theater of war is child’s play compared to the entirety of the Napoleonic Wars. Thank you for the recommendations though. The goal is to also have a entire bookshelf filled on the subject someday, but I have to start somewhere, and these seem like some great options. Thank you again!

Re: Napoleonic Uniform References?

Hi Asher

For 1815 cant get better than the Mont St Jean website already mentioned, its superb

Another good on line source is the Napoleon Series - lot of links to original uniform plates, which form basis of a lot of the modern plates used.

Bavarians are good starting point, from your list, as they fought both for and against Napoleon and Strelts have a great and growing range.

French will provide opponent to almost every other army and many allied forces used French style uniforms, with added colour.

I would recommend the following books which can be found second hand fairly easily:

Fred and Liliane Funken Arms and Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars (2 vols) - not entirely reliable but excellent overview and the pictures inspired many of us to get involved in first place!!

Blandford Books - mentioned above (Retreat from Moscow, Waterloo and The Napoleonic Wars)

Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars An Illustrated Encyclopedia by Digby Smith, Lorenz Books another helpful overview and relatively cheap

Histoire & Collections - the 1812 or 1814 campaign books contain uniform schematics of most of the units involved (the text is less useful) but if you can find 'Soldiers and Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars (FG Hourtoulle) that is perhaps the best single book IMHO, covers topics across the whole period and the artwork is fantastic. Its probably bit more pricy

Osprey Men At Arms series covers most armies, pick the more modern versions though.


Re: Napoleonic Uniform References?

Thank you John! I’ll add those to the list. I really appreciate the guidance and advice. Obviously building a French force is a must for the napoleonic period (I’ll have to use a variety of brands for this) but after that I’m basing my other factions mostly off of what Strelets has available. I really love the way they are approaching this range of figures. Organizing it by firing line, in square, in attack, on the march, etc… Since the British (highlanders and regulars) and Bavarians are further along than most other factions I have made them my focus.

Re: Napoleonic Uniform References?


one last suggestion if its Bavarians:

free uniform plates always a good thing!

HaT do Bavarian Cavalry and Artillery, to supplement the Strelets new range of Bavarian infantry