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Re: I have seen the future and it is exciting

James Fisher
Today I received a list from the retailer who supplies my Strelets 'habit' and it makes for most interesting and exciting reading.

There are a seven sets marked as 'new releases'*.

Most have been previewed here in recent weeks, but a few were not (to my knowledge/recollection).

I was amazed to see so many new releases in such times.

I have sent off my wish list for some of the seven, as well as some older sets. We'll what happens.

Thank you Strelets!



*I had a quick look and Hannants has the same listing, plus a few extras. Presumably those others will be for a release in the not-too-distant, AGW.
Yes, all very exciting and a tribute to Strelets.

I'm pleased to see the Dutch Cuirassiers set (259) included in these seven new sets. And correct me if I am wrong, but have we actually seen the box art for this set here? Hannants have it on their site and it looks great!

Re: I have seen the future and it is exciting

great news on the new WSS sets , i too have placed a back order with Hannants in UK, really looking forward to release
Strelets do a fantastic job in such trying times in Ukraine, my thoughts and prayers are with Strelets team and their families for their safety
Victory to Ukraine
cheers Old John