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Re: I have seen the future and it is exciting

a few do if in england e models in midlands hannants is on the east coast but have a london base to. can pick up there.also some delivery firms have local collect you can pick up in shop near you.if in the far north or scotland wonderland models or yorkshire. hailfax modellers world hope that helps

Re: I have seen the future and it is exciting

James Fisher
Today I received a list from the retailer who supplies my Strelets 'habit' and it makes for most interesting and exciting reading.

There are a seven sets marked as 'new releases'*.

Most have been previewed here in recent weeks, but a few were not (to my knowledge/recollection).

I was amazed to see so many new releases in such times.

I have sent off my wish list for some of the seven, as well as some older sets. We'll what happens.

Thank you Strelets!



*I had a quick look and Hannants has the same listing, plus a few extras. Presumably those others will be for a release in the not-too-distant, AGW.
Yes, all very exciting and a tribute to Strelets.

I'm pleased to see the Dutch Cuirassiers set (259) included in these seven new sets. And correct me if I am wrong, but have we actually seen the box art for this set here? Hannants have it on their site and it looks great!

Re: I have seen the future and it is exciting

great news on the new WSS sets , i too have placed a back order with Hannants in UK, really looking forward to release
Strelets do a fantastic job in such trying times in Ukraine, my thoughts and prayers are with Strelets team and their families for their safety
Victory to Ukraine
cheers Old John