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Re: Saturday News

Dear Rich,

Sorry for misinformation, destroyed mold was for the Bavarian square, not firing line.
Best regards,


Re: Saturday News

Oh no not the Bavarians in square!! I was looking forward to that set. 😔
What about the British in square? Has that suffered the same fate Strelets?

Once destroyed, are sets cancelled completely, or remade?

Re: Saturday News

As far as I understood and "all going well", the mould will probably be redone.

Re: Saturday News

Ah yes I remember that post now, thanks for that.

Fingers crossed any damaged or destroyed sets get to be revisited again. Been some really nice masters/sprue shots of upcoming sets. Be a shame for that work to be wasted.

Re: Saturday News

Great to hear Strelets! Thank you for the weekly update. That is a shame what happened to the Bavarians in Square. With everything going on lately I really hope you guys get a streak of good luck here soon.