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Re: Friday Mail

Wonderfully put GC!

It's so good to still have these regular Friday postings. They are a joy in their own right and doubly so in the current, horrible circumstances.

How good to see more images of these figures, even more since they, and others, are on the cusp of being released.

Kind regards, James

Re: Friday Mail

Thank you Strelets! Looks great. Any Friday Post from you is good to see.

Re: Friday Mail

I am also really appreciating these regular postings, please keep them coming if you can Team Strelets!

The British Jacobite 1745 artillery set looks very good, fine figures in realistic poses, and just right as artillerymen for this mid-18th century period. I look forward to buying several boxes of this set. Well Done!

Re: Friday Mail

The information you shared is very helpful, thank you very much!
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