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Re: Strelets, you are amazing

I have to applaud and congratulate Strelets to its remarkable resilience. I feel incredibly lucky to witness such a dedicated team at work, and I do appreciate Strelets extraordinary logistical and leadership skills. They do not give up or run away, when the house is on fire.

Strelets, you may have already thought of that yourselves, but please consider checking with the family of your former sculptor if his work was perhaps a family operation, and his wife or daughters could continue sculpting the WSS line in the same style.

Re: Strelets, you are amazing

Every sculptor has its own style. Even if You are a family - You can not do this in the same way he did. He did art all his life - and we could enjoy his works. I as huge fan of his figures, specially WSS range.

A huge loss for the hobby and for our country. Hope his family will be good - this is the most important.

Kind regards,

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Strelets, you are amazing


Your loss is also my loss. Your pain is mine.

I have always considered the Strelets team and their sculptor Anton Derbilov to be the Michelangelo group of our contemporary toy soldier hobby. Unmatched and irreplaceable.

So many of their figures express feelings and emotions like no other that I know of. Figures that seem to have a character and an interesting story to tell, of past times, that have long gone by. Figures that want to jump off the sprue, to live and love, to dance and sing, to play and enjoy good times, or endure the bad times in life.

May Anton Derbilov rest in heaven. May his excellent work on Earth never be forgotten, and may his figures continue to put smiles on the faces of toy soldier collectors around the globe.

and yes, I hope that his family will be good and safe. That now is the most important.