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Re: A Not So Good Friday for Bavarian Infantry Command Group

Oh no...

This ****ed war...

Anton is another tragic victim of this war, started by this madman who thinks he can bring the old Soviet Union back to life. I always have to think about what was unleashed 80 years ago by a similar dictator from my native Germany...And the dictator we are dealing with now is a similar "man-eater"..

May Anton rest in peace - his sacrifice was not in vain..

We will honor him...and the wonderful works he created.

Farewell to Anton Derbilov
Re: Farewell to Anton Derbilov

Dear Gerd,

Thank you so much for posting the link to Anton "Patrick" Derbilov's farewell. Your thoughtfulness allows us to pay our respects for our friend from afar. Because of his life's efforts, we as Collectors will remember him every time we pick up his art works. And that is a good thing!


Re: Farewell to Anton Derbilov

I noticed now about rhe sad news.

My condolences for Anton’s family and the Strelets team from Barcelona.

I always thought that the sculptor of these series was really an outstanding artist. Now I know vis face and I honour him as one of the best sculptors I have seen in the nobby during my long life collecting 1/72 figures.

Rest in Peace Anton. Each one of your figures is a piece of you living forever in the little world of plastic
Figures. We do still play with Airfix figures made in the 70s.

So we will never forget Anton Derbilov.


Re: Farewell to Anton Derbilov

The information you shared is very helpful, thank you very much!