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Re: Week-End News

Bonjour à tous, J'ai une question pour mes amis de strelets: "Y aura t'il de nouveaux sets pour refaire et remplacer les sets 66 et 68 ? Où une nouvelle infanterie Jacobite ?

Restez en sécurité

Bien à vous cordialement.

Can I ask for the same question ?
Nice figure, stay safe.

Re: Week-End News

I wasn't aware that the Jacobite's had such a large force of artillery at Culloden. Pretty excited about these! Does anyone know if the Brit artillerymen would be usable for the French and Indian War??

Re: Week-End News


Great sculpts and I like the mix of clothing styles.

I absolutely love the officer figure.

Re: Week-End News

Very fine figures and a very interesting subject. Well done Strelets!

Re: Week-End News

Its fantastic information! New sculpture by Anton? ;)