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French horse carabiniers 1810-1815

Looking at the sources on internet, there seem to be conflicting accounts on the uniforms of the carabiniers. Most sources seem to state that they wore white uniforms with blue facings, however I have als found accounts stating that they wore skyblue uniforms with red facings. Is there any source that can definitely confirm their attire?

Re: French horse carabiniers 1810-1815

Dear Thomas,

White faced blue throughout.

The confusion may come from the Waterloo period when some units had a mixture of old Imperial and Royalist uniforms (particularly trumpeters and other musicians. The 1er chasseurs à cheval are a case in point with their helmets).

Dawson in his detailed 'Napoleon's Waterloo Army' (published by Frontline/Pen & Sword) states, beneath a Rocco plate depicting a carabinier:
In 1815 the Carabiniers were dressed in their traditional [i.e. second uniform 'traditional', JF] white habits. At no stage does archive evidence support the notion that the two regiments wore sky blue habits faced white."

This is also stated in the main text:
"Of note, no sky blue undress habits are listed, and indeed these items never existed.

(Dark) blue faced red was the coat colour of the original uniform when they sported bearskins. As modelled by Strelets in set #106 that I like so much!



Re: French horse carabiniers 1810-1815

There is a lot of confusion about the uniforms of the carabiniers. According to the reglement white with light blue facings (that's for sure!). But it seems that also the reversed colours at least by some troopers were worn (to which extend is unclear, maybe only caused by shortages in available cloth; or these were the light blue off duty uniforms to save the white ones from tear and wear).

Take a look at this link:

For Waterloo the latest generally accepted opinion is light blue faced white. And I know some figure enthousiasts for this battle which recoloured their miniatures.

Kind Regards