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Re: It's Friday, Isn't It?

Much rejuvenating indeed!! Great way to start my Friday morning. Thank you as always for the work you do Strelets. I was definitely not expecting the German States Cuirassiers to be ready this fast. As, for the musketeers, I know they’ve been a long time coming for a lot of us. Can’t wait!

Re: It's Friday, Isn't It?

Dear Yuri,

It was fantastic to see this post over my Saturday morning coffee earlier today.

Two more sets of 18th C cavalry for us to enjoy. Excellent. Superb. Wonderful.

I am sure that the 'French Musketeers of the Guard' will sell well, but it is the 'German States Cuirassiers in Skirmish' that caught my eye. First revealed to us in July last year and now on the cusp of being released. Amazing. At the moment I'm enjoying painting some figures from the boxes of 257 and 258 that arrived chez moi a few weeks ago. Wonderful figures. I will delight in getting a couple of boxes (at least) of 268 to complement these charging and at rest figures. That drummer what a ripper! While part of the 12 he is almost like a bonus figure. He'll be great on a command stand or other tabletop vignette. Sadly even my kleptomania cannot justify enough boxes for an entire band...!!!!

Kind regards, James

Re: It's Friday, Isn't It?

Great to see more progress on these releases! I haven’t even got around to painting the Cuirrasiers from the last batch, so these will add nicely to the unending paint queue…

Can I be cheeky and ask whether any of the other WSS sets are being released at the same time as these two?!

Re: It's Friday, Isn't It?

It’s the question we’re all wondering Rich. A set of infantry would be nice to throw in the mix! But alas beggars can’t be choosers.

Re: It's Friday, Isn't It?

Dear Rich,

times of big batches of new sets have long but gone but some surprises are still possible.

Best regards,


Re: It's Friday, Isn't It?

IMHO - you're doing great even getting out one set at a time.

Re: It's Friday, Isn't It?

Dearest Strelets,

Yes, your thoughtful messages and tempting photos do rejuvenate our moods, more than you could ever know. While we wait with our fingers crossed in anticipation of your newest outstanding figurines, I have been enjoying your Moroccan Goumiers outfitted in some U.S. Halftracks, and Shermans, patrolling the Western and Northern Sahara, if not historically accurate, then just plain fun! Thank you to all of your Strelets Team and we are with you!

Godspeed - GC