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Re: A wonderful dedication

Gee Mark, you are gonna have me doing more that I want to (ha, ha). Like when I cut off the back packs of those Hat Grenz so as to re-attach them 'slung' to represent the earlier 'models'...

I like your suggestions and I'd love to see the finished figures once you get there. I'm a bit of a way off starting the Danes, having Swedes, Saxons and Poles to finish first, so have not yet decided whether to use the figs in #234 'as is' or to attach a bayonet (possibly with musket extension). If I do the latter, I'd most likely just use bits of muskets that I have in the spares/bits and pieces box—not as clever nor adventurous as you! I am currently thinking of using them 'as is' and painting them as some of the National Militia that were raised in 1701. We'll see. The grenadiers from #235 will probably be converted to a mitre as the Grenadier Corps and/or gren. cos.

The main point of all this is, great figures, suitable for many uses, thanks so much again Strelets!!!!

Kind regards, James

p.s. I hope that others aren't annoyed at us using this forum as a personal messaging board?! If it does, we can always switch to email :)

Re: A wonderful dedication

I actually really enjoy reading the discourse between people about their various projects on this forum. You can learn a lot, and sometimes might be inspired to try things yourself.

Re: A wonderful dedication

I welcome the exchange of opinions on this forum! This gives great opportunities in the formation of the army. Please continue.