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Re: A wonderful dedication

James Fisher
Bitta paint Mark, job done (for mine)—except perhaps removing the cartridge box at the front! :)

Danska infanteriets uniformer 1700-1730

Likewise 233 and 234. A bit more effort with 235...
Thanks for the uniform reference for the Danes, James. Very useful!

Yes, once you have removed the belly cartridge box, then these should do well as Danes, and especially if you are up to the fiddle of retrofitting a large slung cartridge box on the hip; suitably fashioned from pieces of plastic card cut to size perhaps?

Using the French Musketeers sets (233 and 234) certainly has potential, as does using the Grenadiers set (235) if you have some spare bicorne heads to replace caps. I am experimenting with replacing the short musket barrels on some figures from 233 and 234, using some partially flattened plastic broom bristle (of a suitable gauge), fashioned to look like a long musket barrel ie: around about 15mm or so) and then used to replace to too-short musket barrels on the figures as they come in these sets. Incidentally, for the advancing/high port musketeers in the 'On the March' set, this does not need to be done in my view as, with their bayonets attached, these figures look perfectly good as they are, and are being used in my armies as Bavarians and Walloons.

Re: A wonderful dedication

Gee Mark, you are gonna have me doing more that I want to (ha, ha). Like when I cut off the back packs of those Hat Grenz so as to re-attach them 'slung' to represent the earlier 'models'...

I like your suggestions and I'd love to see the finished figures once you get there. I'm a bit of a way off starting the Danes, having Swedes, Saxons and Poles to finish first, so have not yet decided whether to use the figs in #234 'as is' or to attach a bayonet (possibly with musket extension). If I do the latter, I'd most likely just use bits of muskets that I have in the spares/bits and pieces box—not as clever nor adventurous as you! I am currently thinking of using them 'as is' and painting them as some of the National Militia that were raised in 1701. We'll see. The grenadiers from #235 will probably be converted to a mitre as the Grenadier Corps and/or gren. cos.

The main point of all this is, great figures, suitable for many uses, thanks so much again Strelets!!!!

Kind regards, James

p.s. I hope that others aren't annoyed at us using this forum as a personal messaging board?! If it does, we can always switch to email :)

Re: A wonderful dedication

I actually really enjoy reading the discourse between people about their various projects on this forum. You can learn a lot, and sometimes might be inspired to try things yourself.

Re: A wonderful dedication

I welcome the exchange of opinions on this forum! This gives great opportunities in the formation of the army. Please continue.