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Re: WWI Austrians?

Early war Austrian cavalry please.

Re: WWI Austrians?

Yes indeed, Strelets displayed new Austro-Hungarian WWI artillerymen a few years ago.

Some can be seen here on page 1 and 8:

There were also parts for 2 corresponding heavy guns to see.
Namely 30,5cm Mörser M.11/M.16 and 42cm Autohaubitze M.16.

It would be great if Strelets could manage to keep up their production in spite of the extremely bad circumstances.
The previously announced WWI sets for Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, German and possibly further French or even Serbian subjects would be my favourites.

But somehow it feels seriously wrong to express hobby-related bucket lists these days. :worried:

Our best wishes for the Strelets team and all Ukrainians.

Re: WWI Austrians?

What a shame that that set never came to light. I do love Hat's Skoda so its not the biggest tragedy, though I am sure that Strelets crew men would've been much better than Hat's. I will second your call for some late War Austrians as well Duncan. I've always wanted some figures to properly recreate the Italian and Balkan fronts of WWI.