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Re: Friday Evening

RebelAlpha is generally my go to as well Toby. They’re Strelets sets are always selling really good as well, so I’m not sure why there’d be disinterest. And then I noticed Michigan Toy Soldier still has the Cuirassiers sets listed as upcoming and has them available for preorder. Either way I hope we do get the opportunity to purchase them over here sooner or later.

Re: Friday Evening

Good to know the Strelets Team is still able to work on future projects. :+1:

See the full set of the once announced Red Box figures here (post from 30.10.2020):

The mentioned Strelets WSS Cuirassiers were available via various European distributors for some time now, but seem to have become scarce since then.

Re: Friday Evening

Peter, yes that is the same photo I have and from the same source. And I was unable to learn anything more about them until Strelet’s new post the other day, which they can go far to fill in some blanks about them. Please.