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Re: Exhibition

This is going to be very exciting...

Because as far as I know, nobody has ever depicted this part of the back room of the battlefield of Waterloo in a diorama.

So I'm very curious to see how the scenery in Mont Saint Jean, which must have been terrible at the time, will be designed.

A few years ago I was invited to dinner at the restaurant that is now in Mont Saint Jean. I have to say that I didn't particularly like the meeting at this place and somehow I didn't like the food either.
Although it must have been a great meal.

Because when you know that you're sitting in the middle of a former field hospital where terrible things happened, you just can't get certain ideas out of your head. When I was sitting in the restaurant back then, I just had to keep thinking about how the poor guys there suffered and died. Even if this was 200 years ago...

I know from friends in Belgium that it is not easy to maintain these large farmsteads, which have often not been used for decades.

For this reason, attempts are being made to settle new users in the historic buildings who have an economic interest in using the buildings and thus also contribute to their preservation.

For me, however, it remains a special historical place where even the best meal will never taste good to me.

Detailed knowledge of historical events is sometimes a burden...
But I also think there are places where a restaurant is just in the wrong place.. :worried: