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Cuirassiers in North America?

Hello All,

I was wondering if any of my fellow Americans have found the new WSS Cuirassiers sets available anywhere over here. I've checked all the usual places, MichToy, RebelAlpha on ebay, etc... but I have yet to find anything. With the Royal Mail on strike as well I'd like to avoid ordering from the UK.

Re: Cuirassiers in North America?

nothing yet for me as well. ive been on the lookout.

Re: Cuirassiers in North America?

Me too. I’ve been on the lookout in N. America and can see on eBay they only made distribution to Italy and Germany. That should be outside the war in Ukraine, so my question is where or why is the bottleneck?

Re: Cuirassiers in North America?

Dear Toby,

For some reason, US dealers expressed no interest in these sets.
Best regards,


Re: Cuirassiers in North America?

Check Michigan Toy Soldiers....I ordered a batch from Hannants and also from Mich Toy Soldiers got the Hannants ones and painted them weeks ago...Michigan warned me that it would take a while for them to get them but I just received a message that my order has they have them now.

Now lets get some Dutch cuirassiers...thanks for all your great efforts to supply us in these trying times.