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Re: Up and Kicking

Some interesting casualty poses there Strelets.
Officer is a nice pose although his sword looks a bit club-like, drummer has lots of good braid detail on his tunic.
I can already picture the fellow holding his leg, having a slight conversion to show hes been clipped by a cannonball which has broken his leg or taken part of it clean off. Forage caps I would still forget about and either continue with a shako or just a bare head. But he is still a pose I like.
Look forward to seeing new Napoleonic sets released.
Glad to see you continuing to produce figures despite the circumstances. The hobby needs Strelets & certainly has missed your regular releases.

Take care & best wishes for the year.

Re: Up and Kicking

Look like a must buy, bare head please, no soft caps again.

Re: Up and Kicking

Dear Strelets team,

Thanks for the update, these figures look fine and I'm guessing they are the officer and casualties for the forthcoming 'British 1815 Infantry in square/defence' set? Some spirited sculpts, although I have to observe that your sculptor still seems to be putting British infantry in forage caps when in action, which is historically inaccurate. A shame.

But great to know that you are still alive, still producing. Wishing you as safe and peaceful a weekend as is possible in current circumstances.


Re: Up and Kicking

Hello dear Strelets team,
Nice to see the Friday tradition coming back given the circumstances.
Cheers to you!

Re: Up and Kicking

great poses, well done Strelets team , I pray you and and families remain safe and well in such trying times
any news of forthcoming WSS sets?
stay safe
cheers Old John

Re: Up and Kicking

Great to see some updates, thank you Strelets team. I really like the poses, but as with everyone else, not sure I get the point of forage caps.

Fingers crossed for some new releases soon!

Re: Up and Kicking

Dear old john,

we are working on boxes for a couple of sets right now, which are otherwise ready for a release.
Unfortunately, more recently we've been experiencing problems with shipments from the Ukraine to the UK, as Romania, being a transit country, closed its borders for some reasons.

Best regards,


Re: Up and Kicking

Always great to hear from you guys! Best wishes with everything

Re: Up and Kicking

Wonderful news and lovely sights!

Sensational effort in times of such destructive and senseless stupidity.

Regards, James