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Two questions

Hello All

I see people who are on the VK/com miniature 1/72 forum contributing here and until last week I could see their wall and was part of the community. But it seems that for some reason I've now been kicked out and in spite of a few requests they won't let me in. :-( Has this happened to anybody else? Is there a way back in? Many thanks.

My second topic is about one of my favourite period in terms of figures, namely WW1. Strelets mentioned several sets for Gallipoli and I'd love to hear where we are at with those. It's been a while.

And I know Christmas is gone, but I'm still hoping for some spiffing WW1 Romanians, Bulgarians and even maybe some Greek evzones...

Thank you!

Re: Two questions

Dear Alex,

Yes, VK sometimes is playing up. On regular basis they want to refresh your contact number and after that you may carry on as usual. More recently, for some reason, it's not letting you through even after you re-confirm your telephone or e-mail, we had to go through the process several times in order to view the message board.
Best regards,


Re: Two questions

Thank you for letting me know! I’ll keep trying then. :grinning:

Re: Two questions

I can get second you on the Balkan theater of WWI Alex. One of my many dream ranges for this hobby would be for the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913.