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Comment - Project

On this homepage I would like to build an information source for collectors, diorama builders, tabletop players. There are many miniature sets (plastic) in scale 1/72. Some have been produced in excellent and some not so good quality.

From the blanks you are often surprised what you can get out there with paint. To find out about the unpainted contents of the sets, there is the excellent Webste of Plasticsoldierreview. Here, on my homepage, I go one step further and would like to show you the miniatures painted.

It's a big project, as I plan to paint all the sets that have come out on the market as much as possible (each pose once), but it's great fun. I would be glad if I can help one or the other collectors of 1/72-Miniatures with it. Via the button "1/72 Miniatures" you will get to the selection of the manufacturer and then you will be redirected to the respective sets.

Homepage: Minisoldiers

I'm looking also for sprues from Strelets-Sets :-)