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Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year!
Hope for new Chinese minis! chariots, artillery, Ming and many others!

Re: Year of the Rabbit

Absolutely, Happy Chinese New Year! Best wishes for good health, peace, and to be able to produce new 1/72 figures with the same passion as before. Great hobby that brings us all together!

Re: Year of the Rabbit

Kung hai faat choi
(Pinyinisation à la Wade-Giles(?) of the Cantonese New Year’s greeting.)

Re: Year of the Rabbit

It would be cool! Lack of sources seems to be a major issue holding companies back, as sadly Osprey did not delve into Chinese history very far (hopefully we can move beyond Osprey sources as a whole anyway in the near future, their information is often quite dated now). Wonderful armies to paint though, and they have a ton of fantasy usages in addition to their historical ones (for instance the... umm, have to look this up... Cathay factions in the Warhammer universe are rather obviously Chinese inspired).