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Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Wow, just Wow.

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Hi There

Awesome, magic, so inspiring!

Its like watching your dreams fulfilled and all we paint figurines can advert the greatness of this diorama.

Its plenty of museum quality like Siborne’s that I had the opoortunity to admire 20 years ago. but this one has the soul of the soldier in battle in every corner.


By the way, the napoleon carriage was like this one?


Re: Waterloo Remodelled


Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Thanks All! Miquel, according to Napoleon's senior carriage driver Napoleon had 11 carriages at Waterloo of which two were captured. One of these burnt in the Madame Tussaud's fire in London before the First World War, the other is at Malmaison. No one knows what happened to the remainder. Nor do we know whether other senior French commanders had carriages during the campaign. Ney did not, but Soult, Jerome, Drouot, D'Erlon, Reille and Lobau may well have.

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Wow! What a great work. Very impressive.
Where did you get all those carriages from?
I only got one 20 years ago.
Can't wait to see more.

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Thanks Mr Schmitt! One I bought 20 years ago. One is a Minifigs conversion. One is from Franznap and one is scratch built by Liam Flood who is a genius. He has two more in production.

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Wow! Splendid work that keeps getting better and better! I hope the next one will be Blenheim, now that we have all these nice Strelets' figures, yes? :wink: :smile:

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

An amazing piece of art which I hope is saved for future generations to see. It belongs pride of place in a museum once it is all put together.
It tells the story visually while displaying such attention to detail & vast effort on yours & the teams part. Its is simply beautiful.
Its not just the figures, but the terrain itself. The cobbled road with the Guard marching along it is wonderful. Your diorama allows the viewer to picture the scene and even place themselves there.

Sibourne would be proud I am sure.

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Very many thanks for your kind comments, they are very motivating!

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

General Picton, Sire,

I thank you for this great work and that I was allowed to see it here.

This section of the great battle has become just as impressive as the Plancenoit diorama.

Especially the big battery of the Guard is a fantastic picture for me.

If the building here was also created by your father, then please give him great praise for his work.

I'm very impressed again.

And im sure that Captain Siborne would also stand in awe in front of this work.

Re: Waterloo Remodelled

Thank you Gerd, the buildings are indeed by my father and I will pass this on to him. He's going strong at 83!