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Re: orion

yes great sets for 1939/40 tank crews lrdg/sas it should be as box art shows paddy mayne and i think reg seekings of the sas. i know why alan has reservations sten guns. but anything new at moment is most welcome.

Re: orion

Polish tank crew and LRDG, a big yes!!! But what about US marines (Vietnam war) and may be some Australian troops (Vietnam war). This would be a surprise for sure!!! Orion is one of my favourite figure makers, one way or another...

Re: orion

Well not only sten guns were not used - also bren and so much rifles… LRDG need more firepower like Thompson with drum magazine, trophy mp40’s, Lewis guns…

Here is a good article regarding the equipment and weapons of LRDG:

From the other side the tank crew men are great! Orion is the unique form depicting those brave men who served their metal horses. 😊

Kind regards,


Re: orion

What's the link for Orion's website?

Re: orion

plastic soldier review go links ,to the red box on there or drum and flag on there to cheers

Re: orion


Re: orion

Bardia, 3-5 january 1941.
Quite well covered just missing:
1) a boxed set of British Engineers Corps Sappers (with Bangalore Torpedoes) and
2) Breda 20/65 mod.35, 20 mm AA Gun.
Happy, peaceful and prosperous new year to everybody!